By replacing the traditional pen & paper and spreadsheets method, UPFIELD drastically increases efficiency and enables real-time collaboration.

Powerful, yet easy-to-use, cloud-based construction solutions, UPFIELD facilitates digital transformation for Engineering Consulting Firms and Contractors by leveraging new technologies.  We understand your reality and are here to assist you by setting up your new environment and providing training & support to your team.

Less Paperwork

UPFIELD significantly cuts down on the quantity of paperwork generated, bringing you closer to achieving a paperless environment.

Increased Efficiency

Increase transparency and visibility of the job site for your entire team and respond to your clients requests faster.

Smarter Budget Management

Integrating worksite quantities into your daily reports will help you complete your progressive payment requests more efficiently at the end of each month.


Instant Access to Information

Allow project managers to have real-time visibility on project progress, to assess and manage potential sources of delays and address them before they occur.

Geolocated Weather Conditions

UPFIELD automatically logs the weather condition of your project based on the location of the jobsite.

Optimize your Time

With the UPFIELD mobile solution, you won’t have to go back to the office to complete your daily field report, saving you up to an hour a day.

UPFIELD provides faster, easier and more efficient data collection and reporting – for real-time field productivity.

The construction industry faces monumental challenges.

While other industrial businesses enjoyed a 100% increase in productivity over the last 50 years by adopting new technologies, the Labor-intensive nature of construction projects has resulted in stagnant productivity gains in the construction business. Construction projects are becoming more complex and just 30% of projects are completed on budget and just 15% are finished on time.

Projects completed on budget

Projects finished on time

Digitizing the Construction Industry

Despite the fact that the population continues to grow, and the construction sector is expanding, the growth of its digitization remains very slow.

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