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Construction daily field reporting software creates a strong communication network between decision makers in the field and back office, and with the clients and other stakeholders. Project managers can quickly make decisions and respond to changing conditions, reducing delays and driving productivity throughout the company’s work force. They can also make better budgetary decisions with a more up-to-date understanding of where money is being spent on the project and even identify potential sources of waste or lost profit.

The advantages of using UPFIELD are multiple, all of which result in efficiencies that improve productivity.

Real-Time Collaboration

Instant Access to Project Information

Allow project managers to have real-time visibility on project progress to assess and manage the performance of labor crews and to identify potential sources of delays and address them before they happen. Avoid disasters with rapid and efficient communication, keeping the project team updated on job site activity.

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Geolocated Weather Conditions

Your daily log includes automatic logging and archiving of the daily weather report for the job site. Notes and photos can be added for instances where the conditions specific to the site vary from the feed forecast.

Instant Access to Information

Project managers have real-time visibility on project progress – to assess and manage potential sources of delays and address them before they occur.

Photo Import

Take photos with your device and import them directly into your project in seconds. Project photos are automatically shared with project team members.

Activities and Quantities

Integrate all worksite activities and quantities into your daily reports for complete and accurate progress and costs.

Unlimited Secure Data Storage

All project information is automatically archived and saved to multiple secure servers.

Signed & Branded Reports

Completed reports are automatically signed and branded with project and company logos, and can be saved, shared or emailed directly from the app.

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Unleash the power of Office 365

Office 365 is a powerful and flexible collaboration platform that helps organizations attain their goals in terms of collaboration, productivity, document management, business process automation and more.

  • Mobile Document Management
  • Business Process Automation
  • Personalized Inspection Forms

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